That's Phucked

High Five!

High five?  Well maybe this person will not be giving a high five anytime soon!

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DAMN!!!! WTF How the fuck o.O




who has their hand cut up and someone says "no dude wait dont call the ambulance yet i need a pic of this to put online."


That's what I'm talkin about


-Let me shake your.. (thinks)
-Can't decide.. your skin, your bone or your meat.  


wow... that even meade me do a double take. Fireworks maybe?


The lacerations are too precise to be fireworks. Looks like an equipment or machinery accident. Or, he could have fisted jar squatter.


Definitly not fireworks... Theres no burn marks... Also not a laceration lol... Lacerations are cuts. That is refered to as either an avulsion or degloving. But I'll agree with amber... probably some type of machinery.... Perhaps farm equipment??


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