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"Housekeeping, you want towel?"

I have a third sister who found Jesus, "thanks" to the help of her boyfriend a few months ago. She studied the bible, went to bible study, eventually got baptised, and now make's going to church a regular part of her life. Then, being a big girl, she lost a lot of weight (by admitted self-starvation and cardio exercise) and her attitude changed. Ever since then, she has had this extremely crabby attitude with me - unbearable to the point of where I never want to speak to her again. It was speculated she was not only using diet pills, but also using meth to assist with her weight loss as it had become an obsession. Again, it was all circumspect and I had nothing to prove it with.

We got into a fight today via text message while she was at church that ended with us agreeing to never speak to each other again. I kept thinking, "Knowing her, there is always some kind of underlying hypocrisy. I wonder what it is?" 

Just a few minutes ago, I woke up from a nap and checked my email to find one from my old male roommate, whom I had lived with a year and a half ago.


ok so i'm trolling CL last night and see a girl post an ad saying that she's come across hard times and will do cleaning, cooking, whatever for money. feeling like an ass, i write her back and ask if she'll do nude cleaning. she writes me back and says she'll do whatever i want.

then i put 2 and 2 together. i just looked and can't seem to find her ad anymore

her name is [sister's name redacted] and her email is [email address redacted]
it's your fucking sister!!!! hahahaha. i promise i won't write her back.



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now that's fucked up...
what the hell is her bf doing all this time while she's out doing nanny work.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

LOL, awesome story!

Maybe she would like to pose for ThatsPhucked...?


she can pose bent over her kitchen table getting slammed by Satan's scaly black cock


"what the hell is her bf doing all this time while she's out doing nanny work."

Sending her text messages, telling her she's fat.

"Maybe she would like to pose for ThatsPhucked...?"

She's not that hot.


Annik, is your family tree composed of pudgy Vietnamese hookers?



LoL  love aniks storys there really phukd LoL! keep it up!


I like what I see. keep it going


This article is very useful. I have been looking for. thank you.Very good!!


Its obviously not an objective review so there isn't a lot of point in trying to paint the other side of the story. It doesn't do the author any credit that he considers Siri to be comparable with previous incarnations of voice control. Yes, Apple like to pitch their latest service as groundbreaking when the technology already exists, but it is the implementation that counts, Apple don't do it first, they do it right.


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