That's Phucked

Human Dog Food

Interesting to note the chest area.  The body appears to have either it's organs removed or already gone through postmortem.
Either way.  Dog is hungry...

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Human Dog Food

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"Mans best friend" my ass. All we are to them is a piece of meat.

But that doggy is sooo cute! Awwwwww who's a good boy, yes, your a good boy. Eat that phuckers brains and grow up to be big and strong! Smile


I hope that dog doesn't get sick  that's stuffs old and decayed


Looks like a flood washed up/out a dead body...


THat dog will get sick, poor thing!


I doubt that it is case of organ theft. usually they go for kidneys, and to get there cuts are not through chests. could be that operation went wrong, so doctors wanted to get rid of the patient - how very clever.


It's a pic from the body farm. They preform anthropological studies of human decomposition in different settings. People donate their corpses to this place for research, note the incision along the cadaver's chest and abdomen, he was previously autopsied. This must be an experiment on scavenged remains.


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