That's Phucked

I think she was cute...

... but not now....
dead girl cute

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ok,,these dead bitches are getting old


You can't upload anything to and now you're slacking on uploads to the original website. WTF?!?!?!? Thanks for nothing. I was a faithful phucker, but it looks like Gauntlet is the only one who comments on this shithole feed. I'm sorry, but I will no longer give this address any of my attention. The videos and procrastination of your images leaves me no choice other than to wash my hands with this site. Sorry Mr. Phucked. It was fun while it lasted.

.          Sincerely the kid that loved the uplands,
.                             MiloBoy.


i agree,,this site has went to shit...weeks upon weeks without new stuff to look at,,no wonder all the regulars went you said,,,it was fun while it lasted.


Canada ThatsScrewedUp

went to shit LOL it's dead.


Same here! went from checking it daily to weekly now.... why bother? sad to see this site go =(
Well Mr. Phucked thanks for the entertainment good luck in life.

Good bye



Don't worry Mr. Phucked, I got your back no matter what! you are just in a slump. I know in my heart that you are deeply phucked inside. when the going gets tough the tough gets going.... so now pick yourself up, and let's all get  phucked!!!

your inspirational moment


I'm on both sides been following for years


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked


I could list a bunch of excuses. But this is the internet, nobody cares!
phantasm, thank you!

Anyway. Mr. Phucked has new life (used 7 already) and is back!

Mr. Phucked


Rad!!!! Thank you Mr. Phucked!! Post Script. please if it isn't to much trouble, update I really think it could be like the next best

.              Sorry for being an asshole,
.                              Milo Boy.😈😈😈


Always loyal!


Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws
United States Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

Brain surgery gone to the super duper extreme.   Her eyes will be next when the pigeons come home to roost.   She maybe pissed some one off real bad or she was real bad pissed herself.   Or someone else just rammed her ID.  


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