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Jennifer Love Hewitt is not getting any Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt fat picture

It's a sad sad day today.  Very sad.
Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH) is no longer sexy.

She will continue be known as JLH, but from this moment on the definition is now changed to Just Large Hips

These unfortunate pictures were taken of her at the beach.  Several male sperm whales were spotted near her attempting to "get it on" but she was rescued by life guards just in time.

To all those men who masturbated to her when she was hot, you can apply for masturbation refunds here.

Yes, it's a sad sad day...

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What a damned shame!


Stacey Beilmann
Stacey Beilmann

And what do you look like in a bikini? The minute that your hair line starts receeding or you start to get a little bit of a gut we will discard you like an old dish rag. Not to mention any of your "short" cummings.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

What do I look like in a bikini?

Being that I'm a guy, I look pretty damned bad!
I have a hairy chest and legs, pretty nicely toned though (I Think)
My hair is still there and the correct color.
If I get wasted at a party, I might just post a picture of me in a bikini!

As for my other "short" comings?
May I suggest we have a good Phucking session and you can determine that for yourself?  What do you think?

Mr. Phucked


I don't care...I'd still pound it until she wakes up and maces me...


She must have trouble closing her legs properly.  Some guys dig that thou.


she needs cellulite cream I used it it works wonders


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