That's Phucked

Jesus Is My Friend

I'm not sure this is phucked up, but it does make me glad to NOT be living in the 70s

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Master Corruptor
Master Corruptor

he he he...
This is rather funny actually.. considering the ultra christian message...
But the funny thing came to me once i glanced to the right of the screen and saw the  flashing ''me love you long time'' adds that this site have gotten lately...

It's like heaven and hell battle it out on a webpage


The fat guy is the best Smile


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Heaven and Hell, I like that!


Oh Jesus God save my eternal soul! I don't about you guys but that driving bass line, the inspirational lyrics, the harmony of the back up singers... mmmmm, mmmmm I must've came four times!


I'm going to try not let that ruin my love for Ska music.




isn't it funny how you can talk about some jewish prophet that no one knows if he actually existed, and yet still be considered sane?
why not write a song about the icelandic prophet fred that no one in this age has ever seen and go on about how he is my friend and how i love him?


Jesus is a friend of mine too, he is an extremely gay hairdresser.  Which follows with all of the overtones in the song.  Though I think that guy is a bit too much of a flame even for Jesus.


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