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Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents

Recording of a radio prank.  This parents of this girl really freak out!

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wow, oddly i can relate to the girl and with parents like that, sheesh


lol is this julia beverly the owner of ozone magazine, if it is shes awesome


Germany Mo0ntagraph

Good to know that people who almost have been killed by racist germans in 40´s have become racist themselfs. Very nice, gosh!


"Good to know that people who almost have been killed by racist germans in 40´s have become racist themselfs. Very nice, gosh!"

Exactly what I was thinking. Pathetic!


Ignorance in any community is disgusting. People who think that their race is better than anyone elses. We're all from monkeys anyway. What difference does ones skin ,colour ,age or religion make a difference to anything. Especially religion (my imaginary friend can kick your imaginary friends a** anyday) Here's an idea wait till you die and see what exactly lies for you in the next world before coming to conclusions about what a god (if it does exist) believes in is good ideas for his people. Seeing as human beings are so corrupt, they're more than likely to edit their pages for their own good. Allbeit to make their religion superior to anothers. Have you ever wondered that Seeing as there are so many different religions. If god really existed and wanted everyone to be right god would set people straight instead of waiting for them to die then saying "oh you were wrong sorry, you can't get in here. But you would have been able to if you had of been born into my sect" and thats what it really comes down to. Your religion is predominantly determined by the fact that your parents were brought up a certain way. Have you ever thought maybe they were wrong? That everyone is wrong. Indeed the only one true thing we can be of certain is that we are alive in a time with brains big enough that allows us to question our own existance. Now people used to think that the world was flat. Again narrowmindedness held people back for a long time. They were wrong, thankfully some smart people proved this. I just wonder how long it will take for humanity to release these shackles of immorality (yes religion is immorality, seeing as it restrains us from having impure thoughts of -yes sex, although its natural and feels great, its evil and should be only done for reproduction and missionary- made from blokes who haven't had a root ever) As religion is one of the main causes of warfare and ignorance in any community. Take a look at any (ANY) religion you will see ugly things. Although im not for restricting peoples rights. Anybody can practise religion, it should only be used as a past time. Like football, you can go enjoy it, take whatever you want from it. Don't discriminate others for either not being your religion. Crap like people in this audio file is rife through the world, narrowmindedness. They should allow their daughter who is obviously a grown woman, date whoever she wants. Be thankfull that she is healthy and hope that whoever she goes with doesn't treat her like crap. Then if he does, they can go beat the crap out of him. We as a species won't move forward untill we fix this mentality of superiority.


United States wtfisablkcok

holy shit if that was the daughter in the pic i would love to stick my big black cock down inside that bitches ass right infront of her dad and hope that he would try some shit


Funny that kikes have the right to be bigoted racists...

Fuck me you yenta.


fuckin jews.


chick is smokin hot


the dad goes from pissed off to like "what" all calm and shit


Great examples of paper sketches. They give a good idea of what goes where but I'd still prefer digital wireframing tools so that things can be reorganized and redrawn without much time.


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