That's Phucked

Judo Guy Craps His Pants

Seems that crapping yourself while enjoying your favorite sport is pretty common.
Recently we featured the Runner Crapping Himself, now we have the Judo guy crapping his pants!
At least he won the round!

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"that is the most hilarious thing i have ever seen" and he's like chill as fuck, what a boring life he's leading....




wow, I think that was a fart gone wrong cause if it was a shit wouldn't we be seeing more of a mess the way he kept moving around, I mean his legs kept moving, the shit would've had to come out somewhere...
So, beware those wet farts people!!!


Not that it matters but it's brazilian jiu jitsu not judo.


That guy shit on himself,how in the hell could he just keep,going on as though nothing happened!!! I'm sure it was all smushed,in his pant's!!!


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