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Late Term Abortion Pictures

Looks like I got everyone excited with the Beheaded Baby picture from Tuesday.
It turns out this is the result of a late term abortion.

You can check out a whole bunch of late terms abortion pictures for the really phucked amongst you.

Late Term abortion

Late Term abortion
Thanks to Matt for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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I can not believe that anyone would choose this for their child willingly.. As a mother and a human being it disgusts me. They will all answer to God one day.


United States Wickedblonde

You can't act all self righteous when you're on here looking at this shit!


Asians are Grotesque
Australia Asians are Grotesque

God doesn't exist Tristalyn, if he did then shit like this wouldn't happen right?


Tristalyn, I don't know if you are against abortions or not. Personally I'm pro choice, but this is too far into pregnancy to abort. If you choose to abort, you need to do it earlier than this. If I saw my unborn aborted child this far along, I would be haunted the rest of my life.


mr phucked does it again great as far as abortion goes i am against except when a pregnancy is the result of a rape and still you have to do it as soon as possible not as late as these!


looks like my lunch


@tristalyn.......that's right wait till god solves all your problems, that way you don't have to do anything yourself. All you do is talk, and that disgusts me even more than these pictures.

There are far worse things in life than abortion no matter what degree, rather than be selective of what you see due to the compassion you feel for baby things, add it to the collection of other fucked up things that we should all be working to change.


@asd... I would rather wait for God to help me solve my problems than denounce him and live like you... some low life rat fucker that scrounges on welfare and disability because you are to fucking lazy to get a job.

Topic: Yeah that is waaay to late to abort a pregnancy. I against abortion unless it is the result of a rape... other than that people need to take responsibility for what they did. It is not that new life's fault that its' parents phucked together knowing all to well the risks that they were taking. The easiest form of abortion: do not phuck and nothing will happen.


wonder why some of them look like mince... abortion with a grinder or what?


YOu seem so contradictory. If you are so christian y say and i quote "live like you... some low life rat fucker that scrounges on welfare and disability because you are to fucking lazy to get a job"

Worry about yourself because that is NOT what Christians say and you know what if i dont want to wait for him to solve my problems that's my business i dont have to put people down. THAT is the difference between you and me


That's way too late for an abortion :[
I'm prochoice as long as it is within the first trimester.
And Eric, I am atheist. God does not solve my problems; I do. I have a good education, I have a high paying job, and I am a better person than you.


ah, the miracle of abortion! Becky is obviously a God nut and is way better than all of us. You're awesome Becky. Your mother should have had an abortion.


I'm atheist, does that automatically mean I'm a rat with no job and I live on welfare? Prayers don't help me, I'd be just as well off praying to a golden dildo for things to happen in my life, but instead I MAKE them happen like a normal human being Smile Know who the real lazy ass bums are? The ones who wait for shit to come to them.

Becky isn't a god nut, just saying. She said she was an atheist, so I think you kind of skipped over that part...

WAY too late in the pregnancy to abort! Don't care who you are, just give it up for adoption for christ sake! If there is a hell, this mom's going there. I hope...


couldn't have said it better myself. I don't believe in god but i don't think that our current life is the end, or at least i hope not, would be kind of shit knowing that you're going to be worm food eventually :p hehe

@eric, so not believing in god straight away says im a rat with no job that lives on welfare hmm intersting conclusion, pretty big assumption there, especially if you don't know someone at all. I'll let you feel high and mighty if it makes you feel better.

@lyndsay: thanks Smile Theres nothing wrong with religion as long as people don't exploit erhem erhem (late night american programs is all you need to look at) and as long as it doesnt hinder progress and curiosity because sometimes people are just willing to be content and say god is responsible for it.

Topic: Well I know when my mother was pregnant she was having a real hard time keeping the baby due to miscarriage and also due to that the effect that the baby was having on her body (it was pretty much killing her). So maybe assuming that the person willinglingy chose to abort this baby might be wrong, maybe they had to abort it or they would die, i know there are a multitude of problems that can occur during preganncy.




I'm pro-choice, but this is too late. They're little humans by this stage. I agree with Becky.. Within the first trimester.


I don't get why people cant just let people believe what they want, I myself am a strong Christian and as much as it would be great to convert some people it's not gonna happen usually so I'm not gonna try.

I'm pro-life except some cases like rape and stuff, this is fucking disgusting and in my opinion don't be a fucking retard and get pregnant if you don't want a kid. I mean you could be a little smarter and let some jackass cum inside you instead of having to deal with a pregnancy and then killing a baby, and for those who don't consider it a baby then killing a growing fetus which WILL become a baby.

I just think people should be responsible for being a dipshit instead of going to the doctor and saying oops I'm retarded and didn't know sperm would get me pregnant so kill whatever is inside me plzzzzzzz.

This isn't an attack on anyone so no one should be getting mad at me for what I have to say, if you do... shut the fuck up cause I'm entitled to my opinion.


Really, this is what hapens with abortions and everyone has to face it. People can't take care of there babies sometimes, and they don't want ot put them up for doption because there are already thousands without homes! So people shut the fuck up about this being wrong or any "god" shit, because you need to face reality. It's something you can't stop.


go cookie face!!!!






Hey Mr. Phucked, do you have any video's of abortions? I saw a some short clips on youtube, maybe you could find some too. (I'm not for abortion, just wanted to know what it looks like) I heard that sometimes the baby's heart is still beating when they get aborted. Frown


some of you should have some fucking respect. quit acting like little immature retards....these are real children here....not some fucking 'fetus'.

when did we start think of a baby as a 'fetus' anyway? i'll tell you when....when we stoped having a fucking concious.

'fetus' may be the scientific term for abortion.....but its fucked up when people who get abortions call the child they aborted a fetus.

people call it a fetus because if they acknowledged it as a child it would probably make them feel guilty and there non-existent concious would pain them.

fetus is term used for the pro-choice advocates(and no im not a pro-life a agnostic pro-life that believes in science and has a concious unlike a lot of you fucktards on here)to de-humanize the 'fetus'.

a 'fetus' is a is a human.there is NO denying these facts.even knowing this,how pro-choice people can still support abortion is beyond me.

im pretty sure i will get a few people saying this is 'late term' and illegal.

well guess what.....this stuff still happens even when its 'legal'. the only differnce is the 'fetus' is smaller and 'looks' less human.

thats the only differnce.

a heart beat starts at 2-5 weeks after conception. it is then clinically alive. even before then the 'fetus' is growing non-stop. its a life being created and growing.

i have yet to understand why pro-life people dont just go on a massive 'show and disgust' campaign. why dont they start showing aborted 'fetus' pictures in mass?

or better yet let show the fetus being burned to death by saline......or being torn apart by a suction. lets show its heartbeat being snuffed out. and once the mother push's the dead baby out....lets take pictures like these and just go on a massive campaign. im utterly convinced that is the only way to curb the number of abortions(there will still be plenty of inhuman mothers who will do this....kinda like some people on this site).

we must 'shock and disgust' pro-abortion people. the majority of pro-choicers only support this because they dont know what really goes on. they know a 'fetus' is being aborted(like i said de-humanizing)but they dont SEE it. they dont UNDERSTAND it.

so i say lets get the majority out of there comfort bubble.

i know this is not the right site to be looking for unborn sympathy......because lets be honest....most of you fucktards have sociopathic tendencies on a large scale.

most of you dont have a concious...or if you do its very lmmited.

im kinda like that......bu once its just no. i may not care about two mugglers being shot to death or being electrocuted....but when its concious kicks in.

these pictures make me sick to my stomache....i wonder what the mothers thought when they saw these......if they saw them.....alot of women are told "just lay back and relax it wll beover with soon...all you will feel is relief".

its the perfect time to do it too.....the majority now support a pro-life stance for the first time....a majority now believe abortion should be illegal is most cases except with rape and incest(which by the way is less then 5% of all abortions.)


wheres that bicth sally at...that candian whore?

i remember what you said "if you see the remains of a abortion...there is nothing to it". maybe to you....but this just strengthens my view point.

fucking've been so desensitized to abortions you think 'thers nothing to it'. fuck you cunt.



Zack, I am pro-choice, and I disagree with abortion entirely, if a woman got pregnant, from failing to have safe sex, then she should bare that child and at least put it up for adoption, for another family to love, if she doesn't want it. I'm pro-choice, because I know that if we take away abortions, we'll still have back alley abortions, which could lead to more deaths for both mother and child.
Perhaps you're right though, about having a show and disgust campagin, it would be quite strong to some, but it might be good to let people see how the "fetus" is killed.
Still we need to keep abortion legal, it's the woman's right to choose rather or not she bares that child, but she should at least be shown how her baby is going to be 'taken care of.'


mmmm this is making me hungry


if youre a mother/father you have no right to tell mr.phucked to remove this. you can just leave the fucking site and stop complaining about it, i bet theres thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pics of aborted/dead/beheaded babies on the internet, and besides dont complain about the picture if bothers you so fucking much go out and protest abortion if you feel so fucking strongly about it that you bitch and whine about it on a website that displays fucked up shit.

mr.phucked is not doing any wrong by posting this and leaving it up there, the people aborting are.


look this shit is nasty and it shouldnt be on this website for peoples entertainment..... if u dont want to have kids its simple keep ur legs close u slut, and there are birthcontrol, dumbass. i dont find this shit funny at all, babies dying isnt cool or awesome. my sister was 7 months pregnant and whie driving she got hit by another car and my niece died on impact... was so funny about that, i come to this site and laugh at shit but this stuff shouldnt be on here, im sorry mr. phucked but ur wrong for posting these, please take them off, this stuff breaks my heart. adorted babies shouldnt be entertainment.



I agree with everything you said Zach, the show and discust campaign is genius!! major kudos for that buddy. But, I do STRONGLY agree with Kassie that abortion should be legal because of the back alley abortions.


United States Veggiesaurus

All of you saying this is fake, get your heads out of your arses. This is VERY real. I've seen several pro life videos featuring pictures just like this. Most people don't like to admit abortion is actually killing a tiny baby, but that's exactly what's happening. Kudos to Ireland for making abortion illegal. Glad to know one Country doesn't think it's okay to murder an innocent baby. If people don't want a baby, it's called birth control. I've had a condom break on me twice, and each time I got plan B. It's as simple as that.It should only be available to rape victims or if the mother or babies life is in danger, and even then it should only be allowed right after conception occurs, when it's still a zygote (fertilzed egg) and not an embryo, which has brain, heartbeat, etc. Thanks for posting this Mr Phucked, it's about people's ignorance is stolen, perhaps less babies will lose their life now.


United States whos_da_hacker_

talk about Mom RQ-ing.. xD


I think the rubber dispenser in bathroom would have been less painful.


soo its just a baby, like there arnt hundreds more being born every day, one less human on this earth would do some good


somany letters from u ppl. didnt even bother to read. go straight to the point plz. and long LIFE to abortion :p




I think everyone is so quick to judge people bysaying the mother will burn in hell and crap like this. You may think it's to late but there may of been reasons out of her control, I my self had to have an abortion late term due to massive complications if I hadn't myself and the baby would of died, it was one of the hardest things in my life but I wasn't going to die for the chance my baby would of survived and leave my baby with out a mother or my other child, it is down to the individualif they want to terminate no one should judge, but the reason it has increases in the uk is due to stills immature little slappers who can't keep there legs closed, then think it's the easy option, I'm neither for or against unless it's just a quick fix as I've experiences one and it is not an easy decision especially If you want your child.


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