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Legs Available For Transplant

Legs Available For Transplant.  Today's special, only $499.

Legs Available For Transplant get new legs today

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You know nothing Mr.Phucked,
Atleast have some knowledge before Posting anything . .
Well the girl in above pic is magician Chris Angel's from Bangladesh. . .she always shows invisible magic, thats why you can see that her legs are invisible. . . She does magic show because her father is very poor as you know Bangladesh is a wealthy country and not poor like America . . .To keep up with the status of Bangladesh , she does invisible magic . . .And she is rich now , as well her father can own prostitutes and be happy . . . Now every bangladeshi does invisible magic , and they are rich and happy . .
Americans can never be happy BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR !
Cheers Smile


You know nothing Mr. History,
Atleast have some knowledge before posting anything..
The boy in above comment is a dick taking anal lover from Saudi Arabia...he always love the cock in his ass... He does anal sellage because his father is very poor as you know Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy country and not poor like your mother... To keep up withe the status of Saudi Arabia, he does invisible anal sex... And he is rich now, as well his father can take dick in his own ass and be happy... Now every Sandi does butt sex, and they are rich and happy....
Americans can never be happy BECAUSE WE CAN BUTT FUCK LIKE SAUDI ARABIA!
Cheers Smile


When I hear that song, my legs dance for themselves.... this time too much, so they simply left me dancing. Tried to catch them, but couldn't (because i have no legs).


Let's try this shit too...

@Mr History and @Brandy (sexy btw)

You know nothing Mr. History
This guy is from a rural farm in the Midwest. The previous night he was butt fucked by a horse.  See actual video here:

Afterwards, although he enjoyed receiving the horses massive cock, he could feel his insides were ripped.
After a day he was walking along feeling a fart coming on.  
He forced it and felt his insides rip.  This picture shows the aftermath.
This was reported on NBC nightly news.


I come to this site to see fucked up shit, but all I end up seeing are retards trolling. (& very poorly, I may add).


OK, though shalt not troll.

Picture is phucken awesome.  If I needed legs, I would call this number.
Wait.  Going to call the number...


Amber fail trolling the fail trolls. Thank you Mr.Phucked for making my day! I love this site.


@Brandy (from previous posts, but this one is mostly active - regarding IP tracking)

I would love that "psycho" to visit me by tracking my IP address. Please do come to Serbia and be my guest, whoever wants that. Belgrade is my town, Palmira Toljatija is my street. I would like to show you how we massacred Croats in 1991, how we fucked innocent Muslim women in Bosnia 1992-1995, how we emptied Kosovo in 1999. Particularly if you are Albanian from Kosovo, Bosnian Muslim or Croat... I would be glad to have some bloody party together......



Vucko you have more balls then me. I know this site had the potential to draw in some cray crays but when someone told me about the IP tracking it worried me a little.


We are pretty fucked up country here, so plenty of idiots and every day shits happen. Our life here is quite shitty so some "psychos", particularly those who are tracking us through IP, can barely make it worse.

How can I upload my avatar picture? I tried everything, but it doesn't work.


You have to set up a "Gravatar" account. (click on the blue 'clickable' following your E-mail address)


@Brandy Glad you love the site.  It makes Mr. Phucked very happy Smile

@vucko27 Your IP is tracked with every site you visit, however here we don't and I don't give a shit where you live.
Hello to Serbia! You've probably seen this shit before!


I know, I know it is tracked (in a sort of way). Thanks. Just trying to put my gravatar and cannot. Never mind.
Let's get back to phucked stuph and comments. Cheers!


Just register your e-mail at this site:

Then use that same e-mail when you post.


Tried everything and not working. Never mind. Thx.


Well as for this jam.its just there. lets be honest, this is mediocre. crucify me if u can. I speak the truth. and its generally bitter.


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