That's Phucked

Let's Go Hunting Part 2

Found another pic from the Let's go hunting article.  It was a horse!


Let's go hunting

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A lot of bloating, simethicone will fix it.


I'd rather watch that stumpy latina bitch try and walk on her leg again. That was more "phucked" than this!

For some reason, I just thought of hostel where the asian chick gets her eye burnt off, & it's hanging out of her eye socket...any pics of that happening irl?


The "thing" looks okey, he's just resting after a long day trip.


this horse looks too rotten to 'dress' for food?


And I thought these things smelled bad on the outside!


Gauntlets Twin
United States Gauntlets Twin

Dis shit remind me of my big black dick. I likes chicken and grits. My brother will be back, he out possum huntin. We likes possum grits dem good as shit. I da lover and my twin is da fighter


@Angela  That's what he said. =P


Dude From US
United States Dude From US

Smitty, The throwback pic is great. What the fuck is up with the horse pics? I am tired of horsing around with boring shit. How about some niggers on fire? or some fucking squirting pussies?


the driver did it i swear watch the driver !!!!!!!!!!!!! then he goes like 90 mile per hourand his wife grabs the guard!! it sad


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