That's Phucked

Lion Attacks Man (Bloody Video)

You can see the lion really get a good bite out of this guy. Note half way through the video a cute little white dog pops into the background. It does not seem to care!
The loin is finally shot.  Does the man survive?  You'll just have to watch...

Shout out to intelecto for uploading the video.

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penis is raw
United States penis is raw

LOL! at that dog.  "Any treats for me here?, nah....."

The lion did not want to let go!!


gauntlets the nigger
United States gauntlets the nigger

Mmm...dirty foreigner...nom..nom..nom


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

My my!  U truly must be dat class one faggot!  When u were born, did u come out ur mom's asshole, rather than her pussy?


Uncle Bruce
United States Uncle Bruce

Do not mess with lions.They can and will eat you.


not really sure what the loin is biting into?  Is it his shoulder?


Gauntlets the Fighter is a pavement ape. He continuously sets his own race back every time he types something. As for the video, I only wish the lion could have killed everyone in the room. A cage is no place for a wild animal.


wth is a pavement ape? as for his grammatical mistakes, well this site is not the NY Times haha


Stupid humans, leave the bloody animals where they are.

Pity the cat died, I hope the moron human died in agony!


Stupid Iranians, Indians or some other pathetic nation.


I found this sad Frown


Chile someasshple

Fucking amazing! The guy actually fucking lives at the end!
Oh my fucking god, it felt fucking ORGASMIC to see that fucking lion getting shot like that, fucking stör bloody bastard had it coming.
I think I watched that scene like 10 fucking times, holy fucking shit, so good.


poor creature, he did nothing wrong. it's their nature```


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