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Los Zetas Behead Three Members of the Gulf Cartel

To continue the videos of beheading, be sure to check out the Decapitation Of Woman In Mexico video. Here is another video of Los Zetas members beheading three members of the Gulf Cartel.

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fuck man, you can hear them screaming and the blood curdling in their throats! aahhhhh


Penis is raw
Penis is raw

Couldn't want it all. Barfed a little in throat.


Sucks for the middle guy. I heard it all and he knows he's next.
But phuck, my neck always goes numb when watching beheading videos.


This one is phucked for real. Probably one of worst beheadings so far. That woman was much tougher.


United States masterbater

fuck me, that is gruesome, as vucko27 says, that one is worse.
The female beheading, she took that like a man!
Only thing I can think of worse than this, would be burning at the stake!


I wont be visiting south america anytime soon


Am I the only one that was let down when I seen the middle one still alive at the end...?


It's all about the money, every single merc behind the ski mask is doing it to avoid poverty. If I was to live in Mexico since childhood having to live, sleep, and wake up with an empty stomach, I'll start beheading motherfuckers screaming for mercy trade it for some good earned cash to put bread in my belly!


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