That's Phucked

Losing Your Head

Losing your head in an argument can be taken to the extreme here at
Maybe he had it removed like this poor biatch, Decapitation Of Woman In Mexico

Losing Your Head

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How ya doing there ScarFace?


to him it doesn't matter at all. @Mr. Phucked, why don't you post photo i sent with cow eating dick of that fellow. it looks like fun.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

@vucko27 pretty sure I have that on here somewhere...
Is funny though!


I tried to find it (not thoroughly though). Yes, it is fun. Reminded me immediately to the guy fucking a horse in a nosetril.


one att&t store does not determine how great the vast majority of att&t stores are. If you've seen the contract for the iphone and att&t agreement you mine as well buy the droid.....iphone isnt coming anytime soon. Oh and if verison is better, why would one of the top electronic companies in america sign with att&t? just a thought


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