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MTA Bus Driver Fights Student On Bus In Baltimore

Remeber the AC Transit Bus Fight I am a Motherfucker video with the old dude and the black kid fighting?
Here is another similar incident between a bus driver and a passanger who was playing her music too loud?

Maybe they were playing the Cattle Decapitation song?

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smack my bitch up!

Awesome video!


that is one of the terrible drawbacks to our techno savvy age.  you have a bunch of these electronic devices in the hands of a bunch of classless and inconsiderate assholes.  did you ever stop to think that maybe no one wants to hear your shitty conversation? or listen to your shitty music? everytime i'm standing in line to pay for something, who's there doing what? some asshole having some loud ass conversation.  when i'm the library studying, who's there doing what? some teeny bopper assholes playing some shitty ass beyonce song.  i'd like to smack a bitch myself.


I say beat the crap out of the little biatch.
She was probably being a little obnoxious little bitch.
Put on some headphones and shut the fuck up!!!


I would never in my life disrespect an elder. Bus drivers don't take SHIT anymore! Haha! I did find it pretty funny that people were trying to tape it through the window.


Why can't this happen to Katy Perry?


kill the old dude already fuck old people


Very nice post and very informative thank you for the reasearch and time you put in here  cheers


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