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Man Cuts Head Off His Penis

I think the title of this one says it all? Man Cuts Head Off His Penis.
Yeah, in true ThatsPhucked fashion. For some reason this guy decides to cut the head off his penis with a razor blade. Obviously he likes it since he is hard at the time.
But how the phuck is cutting your penis head off pleasurable?

Just another day on this site...

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Seriously whats the freaking point?
The other guy smashed his balls with axe, they have to be on bathsalts to be doing this.




Why oh why the head?
That is the best part. I love my head!
If fact, I'm off to give him some love now.
Where are those tranny vids.... ;)


@Mr Phucked
this is the emotion i was talking about. HA HA HA HA HA!


WHAT THE HELL...this dude needs psychological help. Sweet Jesus.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

aha.  It is very emotional, maybe even deep


It is good that he cut off that dick. Why idiot from Rumania doesn't cut off his dick. Becuase it is big. This is not a dick - it is shame and he did the right think. It would be pitty to see that idiot to cut his dick off.


i dont get these self mutilation videos at all... even if you get off on these kinds of things the 3:44 of pleasure cant be worth the years of regret afterwards... you can only cut off your dick so many times...


Maybe he heard about a dick transplant program going on near him? Hope he read the fine print.


Dark Empress
United States Dark Empress

I don't even have a dick, and this made my dick hurt.  Why the fuck would someone do this to themselves?!


WTF This guy is literally just getting off on the razor for 4 min., no normal person would take the time to enjoy it. (that or he was on some crack)


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