That's Phucked

Married, yet so single...

A few weeks ago some friends and I attended a party.  One of our friends, we'll call him Doug tends to enjoy the company of woman shall we say...
During the evening he was paying particular attention to one lady and they frequently disappeared for a while.  We can all guess what they were probably up to!

So as the evening draws to a close, we're all hanging outside about to head home and attempting to find Doug.  When suddenly we hear a woman screaming at the top of her voice "she's married, she's married!" we look inside to see Doug walking out of the house, his head lowered in shame.  As he approached us he simply stated "it's time to go"

As we're walking back to the car, he tells us the whole story...

From Doug:
So I'm in the bathroom with this chick who's on her knees, I've got my erection in my hand when this other woman forcefully opens the door and barges in.  She sees what we're doing and shouts "She's Married, She's Married" to which I respond "So am I, So am I, I don't care" she then asked me to "get the heck out, she's my best friend!"

Just goes to show why 1 in 2 marriage end in divorce...

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Did you honestly compare LTE speeds on completely different days and take that to be an accurate comparison? And you write for a tech magazine?


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