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Mentally Retarded Teen Gets 100 Years in Prison for Abuse

June 12th, 2009 by Marin
When I was in law school, I took a class called Mental Illness and the Law. The cases we studied were devastating accounts of how our justice system mishandles defendants, convicted felons and prisoners who suffer from serious and debilitating mental diseases or defects. A recent court case noted in USA Today is yet another example of our system’s shortcomings.

Aaron Hart, an 18-year-old from Paris, Texas, received 100 years in prison for sexually abusing a 6-year-old neighbor. He pleaded guilty to five counts including aggravated sexual assault and indecency by contact, and received two five-year terms and three 30-year terms, which will be served consecutively. Hart is mentally retarded, has an IQ of 47, cannot read or write and speaks haltingly.

Apparently the jury didn’t envision this woefully misguided outcome:

Jurors said they sent the judge notes during deliberations in February, asking about alternatives to prison, but didn’t get a clear answer. They believed the judge would order concurrent sentences, jurors said.

The judge decided to make the sentences consecutive because he “felt” there was no other option:

“In the state of Texas, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with somebody like him,” [Judge Eric] Clifford said.

The young man had no prior felony record. “Aaron is 18, never committed a felony, had no violent record. He couldn’t understand the seriousness of what he did,” said his father, Robert Hart. “I never dreamed they would think about sending him to prison. When they said 100 years - it was terror, pure terror to me.”

My heart goes out to everyone involved here (except Judge Clifford, of course). A child was sexually violated. A mentally retarded person was sentenced to prison for a crime he perhaps didn’t understand was wrong (Hart’s appellate attorneys are arguing that the court-appointed physician performed tests on Hart assessing mental illness, not mental retardation). And a jury tried to render an appropriate sentence but was stymied by a lazy judge and a justice system ill-equipped to handle mentally retarded criminals. How is it possible in this day and age that Hart’s only option is lifetime imprisonment?

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Did anyone read the whole thing? lol


tard deserves it. If he sexually abused my kids, I don't give a fuck how retarded he is. He would either serve life in jail, or die by my hands.


Doobs, you're a fucking redneck.


Wow, I think that the jurors should be more notified on the condition of the "special" individual.  Obviously, if he could not understand the depth of what he did then he should not be left alone in public.  Yes I understand that "punishment" should be enforced upon him to help show him the seriousness of his crime, but due to his not understanding, would he even understand the reason why he is sentenced?  He should have to do community work and services, serve "time" in some way through some act and be forced to have an escort for the rest of his life.  Of course the government should have to pay for the escort Smile


and by escort I mean a staff


While I pity the guy for his condition and think putting him in jail forever won't really help him, I do agree that this guy should never be allowed around other people without supervision. Being retarded doesn't make it okay for him to violently rape kids. Regardless of whether he understands his crimes or not, the child will be suffering from this for the rest of her life.


if he is that retarded.. he shouldn't have been left alone with a child where these things could happen... he is guilty... he did it.. personal responsibility is a bitch... do the crime.. do the time.. do you think the child that will suffer for the rest of her life will deal with less pain and suffering in her life cause it was a retard that did it... fuck him..


"normal" people don't even get 100 years for this sort of crime.


good point she about the kid suffering for the rest of their life


I agree with doob and dan. Fuck the retard.

Imagine if it was your kids that the retard fucked!!! I personally would find and torture anybody who did anything to my kids so 100 years in prison is a fucking let-off. In fact, why not the fucking death sentence?!?! The retard only has an IQ of 47 and cannot do anything for themselves. What kind of existence is that? It would be more humane to put the fucker down - along with all the other severely retarded folk out there that have no idea what the fuck is going on..... if people don't know right from wrong then they should fucking die. And that goes for so-called 'normal' people too!!!!!


Canada wesmonsTER787878

why does everyone feel bad for the retard? how about the innocent little girl who has just been sexually abused? who cares if he can't think straight, anyone who rapes kids should be put away.


i feel bad for the kid but Aaron kid didnt thinkw hat he was doing was wrong, how could he? seeing as he probably has a less IQ then that girl. yes jail time is nessercery but not life, think about how many times he'll get raped in prison.


I would punish him even harder just for beeing retarded.


Nice post . keep up the good work


Funny. Usually when a man assaults someone under 12 they get a slap on the wrist. Put him down; his medical bills are a bitch for taxpayers.


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