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Message to Scientology

A loose-knit consortium of hackers and activists calling itself "Anonymous" has declared "war" on the Church of Scientology.
This video has so far received over 2 million views on YouTube.

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Speaking of religion have you ever noticed the Mormon religion is alot like Stargate?...No offense to anyone who is Morman...its my personal veiw..


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Well I like the Stargate show, mormon, not too hot on.  Although in Utah they have some great national parks!


Bravo, "Anonymous"!!!!


Everyone should no this isnt really aliens, as they are trying to perceive, but its fuckin ingenius that anonymous used that as a cover, that should really get to the scientologist bastards XD

btw.................. how come no one caught the fact Ell Ron Hubbard (who created scientology) was a fuckin SCIENCE FICTION ppl are retards


And for some reason no one remembers that one of his most famous quotes was "If you want to get rich, start a religion." lmao


I thought that scientology is some sort of E.T. "religion" . Then why do they make use of the Christian Cross?????? hmmm?? Is it perhaps to trick people???
Best of luck ANONYMOUS !!!


L. Ron Hubbard is quoted as saying "The only way to become rich is to start a religion"....pretty much gave himself away with that one.  You have to spend well over a million dollars in the Church of Scientology to receive accesss to all their "doctrines" and if wacko movie stars wanna throw  their dough at these people who deny the name of God then let them. Its everyone on the planets perogative to be complete and total assfaces if that is how they want to be.  Dont get me wrong though, I would love for Anonymous to knock'em down a bit!!!


It is all a scam, i grew up in a Scientology family and went to a Scientology school 1st-12th....L.R.H has been dead for a long time and they keep comming up with more shit for the bridge....My mother is OT-8, and we have nothing to show for it...they told her, years later, "some of the auditing was damaged and new L.R.H. discoveries can correct it" for about thiry thousand in more auditing....ya right, fuck off stole my childhood...Im your SP now you fucks...(antagonistic now...wait for the covert hostility)...Bitches...



"Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones" -Tool


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