That's Phucked

Mr Phucked Was Sick

Seems like the flu kicked Mr. Phucked's ass.  I couldn't even drag my sick ass out of bed.

But, I'm back!

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bout time post something im getting bored of seeing nowing new lol


Yay! This is the first place my drunk ass checks in the evening.



We all care about you Mr.Phucked. Please entertain us with more and more phucked shits


I expect three submissions when you update next!! I DEMAND IT!


I think you're getting a bit addicted to gross shit peaches, then again, I don't even notice gore now, so I guess we all are.


I think the last time i posted a comment was before you wre sick Mr. Phucked i guess i have just ran out of words, i see something and im like eh then i stare at it trying to think of a comment. Its pretty crazy that when i started on this site i would only be able to glance at things....


I have an idea for a game show/ hyper reality show. Have lots of loving couples come in to 'test' their love for each other and offer huge cash prizes to each separately for them to  break up with the other in the most inane and soul destroying way possible. Camera close up of her tears as he texts her 'I'm sleeping with you sister and she is better, goodbye'. Watch him bash his head into his desk as his coworkers watch him get an anonymous video in his email of his girlfriend in a brothel 'working'. Sort of like candid camera but a lot more saucy. What do you think people?


Ohh, and ahhh..  get well soon Mr Phucked.


Maybe it's that Ox Penis coming back up..


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