That's Phucked

Orangutan Takes It In The Ass

Mr. Phucked is lost for words on this one...

This Orangutan takes it all!

Orangutan takes it in the ass

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Omg, see orangutan's are like us!


so you like it in the pooper Nicole? What part of England are you from?


*Facepalm*  That's the Australian flag.

This one down here is for Britain.




So, the most mistic secret of all ages has been revealed now hahahah Being a gay is natural lol... This monkey is gay, see? So all the fags can be considered real men too now lol


It couldn't possibly be an artificial orangutang - a stuffed one, part of a display, with an unfortunate impalement - could it?

Seems unlikely, but... damn that's a big pole to have shoved up there otherwise. I suppose it has plenty of time on its... uh, hands to work on its hobby.


Look closer, he's just sitting on it.  It isn't even centered under his ass.  Funny pic, that's all.


yep hes just sitting on it...




thats what i call the shaft


DAM i hope the log got him a drink first!


I wonder if there is a weight limit to have one of these. Sit on that bad boy and CRUNCH!


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