That's Phucked

Overheard in the Nail Salon

Drying off my French pedicure, I got to hear a lovely conversation today.

Vietnamese woman: Is she your only daughter?
Black woman: Uh huh. She's 14.
Vietnamese woman: Do you have other kids?
Black woman: Uh huh. Five boys.
Vietnamese woman: WHAT! Six kids?!
Black woman: Uh huh! And she mah only guuuurl, so I gots to keep a close eye on her.
[conversation segued into something else]
Black woman: Yeah, uh huh, I wanna get some plastic surgery done.
Vietnamese woman: Oh?
Black woman: Yeah. I wants to get um... a breast lift 'cause I breast feed all my kids.


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I would think the callous nipples would be more the issue.......ain't no surgery for that


Why was he in a nail salon? @__@




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Not to belabor because I know you are wanting to help (and you have). But to say:<br />"[Only] people use computers", is really saying that "computers are used [only] by people." This is the defect in the premise I was trying to express. Certainly:


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