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Pedal Bike Accident

This is why I drive a car!

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Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident

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I just want to know how the fuck this one happened.


Otto Von Sexy
Germany Otto Von Sexy

@Snoogans  Bend ovur and i'll show yuo.


Tryna figure out how the head wound connects with the side wound, perhaps she fell in the road and a car came and drove over her skull o.o


She was definitely drug, at least. Her pants are ripped all to hell.


From what I can see in the first picture; tire tracks of brain matter. So I can deduce she was riding next to a truck, she fell down, head went under. And some phuck took pictures. Plus the bike looks like it fell right, if it fell left, she'd be on the footpath.


Gives a whole new meaning to the term, "pop-top".


I don't understand why you have to go through that process to activate the iPhone4s in the US. I am in Qatar, and my carrier is Qtel and Vodafone. I got my unlocked GSM iPhone4s from the US and all I had to do was insert my Micro sim card turn on the phone and thats it, the phone was activated and it knew my location. it was a very simple process.


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