That's Phucked

Phucked Feet

This looks very similar to the Phucked Fingers.  Most likely photo-shopped, but phucked up anyway.
Sure makes athletes foot not too bad now!

Nasty Feet

Uploaded by EveningQuake

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This is just a lamprey mouth PS'd on there. D: Someone else pointed it out... forgot who..


But still one of  the nastiest pictures on this site. For me the 'shopped" fingers were the first , that made me felt a little sick.


old and seen
old and seen

Mr Phucked, please post something that isn't already seen hundreds of times before. These photoshop edits have not only been widely spread across the internet and inbox's but also appeared on TV multiple times.

Oh and the cripple sex looks like it was ripped from (keep clicking random image and they pop up) and they have been on there for the past year. There's about 2 or 3 different images on there of them

This site is now getting very boring because you are no longer the master of phucked up stuff. You are becoming the master of stuff that is old and has been seen many many many times before by the vast majority of the internet population. This is becoming more like a one stop archive of old crap rather than delivering us rare glimpses at phucked up stuff. Mr Phucked, you are no longer phucked, you're boring!!!


United States toocuteness225

then quit coming on here old and seen cus he puts something new on here every day and as much as you might think its no its a little difficut to find somthing realy phucked every day. quit complaining he has to put stuff on this sight and his other sight so if you dont think its phucked enough send something in otherwise quit complaining or dont come here.. i mean damn


but another point is, that all those last pics were upped on phuckedtube before... so (it seems to me) it makes no real sense, to check both sites... and that's sad Frown


If you look at a side by side of the fingers and feet the mouths are the same mouths just at different scales.


To address a few of the comments above...
Sometimes you may see content you've seen before.  It may old to some, new to others.  Some days will be more phucked than others, but there is plenty of content in my queue, there is no shortage of phucked!
As for the content on PhuckedTube being on here.  I may take the best content from PhuckedTube, after all it's my site too.  But PhuckedTube get's a pretty good amount of fresh stuff.  For example, in the last day it's received 8 new videos, 16 new photos and 3 new blog entries.
If you want the best in Phucked on the internet with lots of good user community feedback, I really don't thing you can beat ThatsPhucked and PhuckedTube.


i think this phucked fingers and feets are a photoshop edit
but i ask me what the do? what happend with them?
but really phucked


Well, despite it being related to phucked fingers, how deep the wounds are just aren't realistic.  Still a good photoshop, though.


Even though it's fake, it still gives me goosebumps. No matter what. Odd.


I really really really like this. I have no idea why but im in love with it. They look so yummy, I think im phucked in the head but o well Smile


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