That's Phucked

Phucked Up Deaths and Phucked Ways To Die Week...

This week it's time for some serious phucked up deaths and phucked up ways to die!

Starting Monday...

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oh goody, my favourite



Yayyyy, something new!!!


Anyone seen Saw VI, i gottta say 2 beds of nails slamming into your back and front as you stand and having "Naughty" acid poured on you until you're a jelly like substance would be #1

Oh it has to be real?



having sex with my thats a  Phucked up way to die...


no lance having a light bulb shoved down ur throat and then being punched in it or get an erection and having ur girl shove a thin cylinder of glass in it and breaking ur boner owww


i think the deth by chain saw was by far the worst way ive seen to die or could imagine to die.. ill take nails and acid being poured on me any day...


Suppose it's a useful post indeed! Just bookmarked it!


United States glampirecutie

   Wowzers this is super gay as fuck


Raketemensch,<br />Can you please elaborate about the lack of Audio creation framework on the Android platform. I am torn between buying an iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1


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