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Phucked up things kids say

I was hanging out with some buddies at my gay friend Justin's house and he has a 10 year old boy (despite being gay), and we were watching cartoon network while taking turns going out to the garage to get ridiculously high. Watching some anime show, the main character got bored and cloned himself so he could play tennis with himself. (it wasn't just the weed talking I swear).

At that point, Justin's kid says, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could clone yourself and play with youself?"

I looked at Justin, Justin looked at me, and then the entire room burst into laughter with simultaneous, "HELL YEAH's".

That would be fun as hell. But then the age old question comes back - Would it be masturbation or incest if you were playing with your clone?

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well you are doing yourself whether by hand or your clone's hands which is a copy of your own =) so i'd say masturbation


I would LOVE to fuck myself lol...I think I'd do me good.  Also, when you have an itch you'd know EXACTLY where to scratch.


haha he was watching Naruto


would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.

You fuck ur hand everyday, so whats wrong with fucking your clone.


id fuck your clone all day long


you were watching naurto now that makes it seen naruto is dirty LMAO


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