That's Phucked

Pink Poodle, what the Phuck?

Pink dog, does he look happy? 

Once upon a time...

There was a Pink Poodle (pp)
Do you think he looks cute?
How would you like it if you were dyed bright pink, stripped of all your clothes and walked around the street with a leash?
I can just imagine the thoughts going through this dogs mind…
  • "I wish my owner would Phuck off and die"
  • "Put a stick up my ass and call me Cotton Candy"
  • "Phuck, I look ridiculous, I hate my life"
  • "How the phuck am I meant to get any action from the bitches when I look like barf on legs?"
  • "I hope when my owner dies they come back as blades of grass. Then I will take a dump and pee on their heads"
  • "At least I get to suck my own penis"
The End.
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Comments (5) -

haha to quote superbad.. "fuck my life" haha

Reply sparkle dogs Do exist.
here is another poodle but its black,white and red with a hair-doo


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