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Police Shooting at Bars Station of Oscar Grant

oscar grant shooting

In case you've not yet seen the video of Oscar Grant being shot by a cop, here it is.

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United States Pregnant_15_year_old

in the video it funny when the girl is talking at first look at the guy in the back with the sign


Here we go another Rodney King episode. That was very unnecessary though.


United States radicolpotato

Fuck the police !!!!!!


I don't know all the detail's,as to why Oscar,was detained in the first place.But as a black man myself,I'm sad to see this type of thing happen over and over. "No One" deserves this brutality and blatant,disregard for authority!


the typical american cop attitude IMO is 'shoot first ask questions later'  here is me hoping the cop(s) in question get their comeuppance big time.


These things are tragic.. but all to often ppl dont consider that the things yo do can and are considered a threat to the officers life..  If outnumbered.  If unfrisked.  If resisting arrest.  If making sudden movements all these factors can contribute to these tragic situations.  Im not saying that the officer was right i just urge anyone dealing with the police to COMPLY and move slowly and methodically make your inttentions known. DO NOT give them a reason to feel threatened. :*( my condolences and deepest grief for their family


I guess there's always an easier way ...


nice info you got here mate.. keep the nice blogging..


so for now it may be At&t but this is what I read in a fortuen 500 company review board....


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