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Prostitution Of Young Boat Girls In The Amazon

In 2007 I visited a small town called Iquitos located in the Peruvian Amazon jungle (Peru).
I spent 3 days in this little town and 4 days pretty deep in the jungle.  The experience was amazing and I really recommend it!

As with most 3rd world countries.  There is an amazing amount of prostitution.  But sometimes, it's pretty damned Phucked Up!

In Iquitos, there are no cabs, just little motor bikes with a seat strapped on.  Like a tuk-tuk in Thailand.
I asked the driver to take me to some of the fun places in the city.  He proceeded to tell me about where the prostitutes are.

He described the scene down at the river...

Fathers take their daughters to a spot at the side of the river.  The boat consists of a simple cover with a bed in the back.
The girls are very young, ranging from 12 to 19 years old.  Many are virgins.  The popular girls have lines and demand higher prices.
If you want a virgin, it might cost you $20.  Otherwise $5-$10.
Fathers whore their daughters out for money!!!  This absolutely amazes me!!

The Amazon is very poor.
But on my travels I witnessed many people living off the land and can see no reason as to why a father would stoop so low!

The above picture was taken about 3 hrs via boat from Iquitos and is of a very happy young girl living off the land with very loving parents.
If only they were all like that...

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That is a damned shame!
I hear though that even if sicko pervs from the US visit there, they can still be prosecuted if they're under 18!


You people have got to stop thinking that the rest of the world thinks like you do. Most people that live out side America Are free thinkers and they don't fallow your ways. Your judge mental ways. As soon as you realize this, you wont be so shocked that another country doe's some thing you wouldn't do......Go cry to Oprah......did you know 15 girls have been killed for going to the school Oprah built.......................she doesn't like it when reporters bring that up.....her school experiment is a pure failure.


alright yourmomma what the phuck is your deal??? do you think its ok for a dad to whore out his daughter? do you have kids of your own by the way you talk i dint think you do but when you do have a little girl think back on this n lookk how big of a dum @SS you made of yourself or when that first boy comes and sweeps her off your hands for a night of fun youll learn what its all about...


u kno i do kinda agree with yourmomma on this one. we've been raised in this country to view things in specific ways. if u were raised.. lets say in the amazon, do u think you would think like you do now? or would you think the way the ppl in the amazon do?. think about it. its all a matter of where and how u were raised. views of sex in the US are actaully pretty frigid compared to other places.


zen and yourmomma are fucked up in the you tell me zen and your momma..if ya had a daughter..(AND I PRAY THAT YOU DO NOT) would you whore her out?


imagine all the other diseases one might contract from foreign places let alone think of all the children that go untreated for vanarial diseases.....however we have this goin on in our own country.....what a life we live in


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