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RE: Elder Porn, What The Fuck?

Mr. Phucked's post on Elder Porn reminded me of something I read on Best of Craigslist:

Found: One large bag of "Granny Porn" DVDs

Dude (well, I assume you're a dude), what the hell is your problem? You left a huge bag full of Granny porn on the sidewalk in Carlsbad. I can only assume this was deliberate. It's not like you're walking the streets with five pounds of porn DVDs, get home, and realize "damn, I must have accidentally dropped all my porn somewhere".

Come on man, what's wrong with you? Some kid could have found this stuff. I won't lecture you about the general moral obligation to properly dispose of porn. For a guy whose collection includes volumes 1-8 of "Deep Throat Grannies", I doubt the term "moral obligation" is a part of your regular vocabulary. I'm sure you're also the kind of guy who dumps his used motor oil down the sink.

Seriously though, do you want some kid finding this stuff, popping it into his Mouseketeers DVD player and seeing his nana taking on more cocks than she has holes? Yeah, I'm sure that won't cause any latent problems as the kid grows up and tries to nurture normal relationships with women.

Anyway, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy and this content is just a little too mature for my pallet. If anyone is into this stuff and wants the DVDs, hit me up with an email. Maybe one of you girls on a budget would like to pick up something thoughtful for your man (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). There's something like 200 hours worth of (mostly) Granny porn here. Oh, and if you look like Macaulay Culkin I'll need to see some ID.

By the way, I'm keeping one DVD called "Bangkok Boobarella". Hey, even we meat and potatoes guys occasionally want a little port-wine reduction.

Jeez, Grammy! Say it ain't so!

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Geez, what a hypocrite....
To rant and rave about the guy's f'd up granny porn, only to turn around and try to sell it to people, and to even keep some for himself!
Jeez, Grammy! Say it ain't so!


I don't see how it's hypocritical. He was ranting because some guy left a bag full of granny porn DVDs on a sidewalk in Carlsbad - a really conservative community of San Diego. His point was that some kid could have grabbed the bag and taken them home to watch. He had nothing against granny porn, but he had something against someone leaving it on a sidewalk IN PUBLIC. He wasn't selling them either, he was giving them away. And he was keeping ONE DVD which wasn't at all granny porn - it was a busty Asian fetish porno.


Annik, how would you know? Did you star in it? If you did, I'd like a copy please.


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