That's Phucked

Real Zombie Found

Zombies are real biatches!

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Real Zombie Found

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Walking Dead and World War Z weren't movies....
They were documentaries. This is why I don't dare go outside or leave the underground end of the world bunker in my back yard. LOL

Wonder how the killers did it.


yeah. how did they do that?  Is that not a show on Discovery or something?
They should do a show a on this!
1. Kill man
2. Remove skin and nose from face with blow knife
3. Remove remaining flesh with blow torch
4. stain skull white



Why he is in socks?


his shoes appear to be on the ground.  maybe he wanted to remove his shoes before going to heaven (or hell)?


Video or it didn't happen


@25 to life - what is crossing my mind - you know whne someone is found unconciousness, usually they take off shoes and loosen the collar. maybe these two guys thought this might save him if they take of his shoes.


I have Sprint with no service where I am located for five weeks so I have to go with either AT&T or Verizon. From the mixed reviews above, I feel like I am doomed with either one. )o:


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