That's Phucked

Scoop The Poop

I guess this is along the same lines as the Shit Smear.  Poop and trying to be sexy in porn just don't mix!

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lol first. thats disgusting


hey oops I accidentally poo'd a lil.. don't worry I'll wipe it up and rub it all over my vag. WTF?


i bet someone went home with a smaller paycheck. lol. let me just tuck this nugget away right here, (grunt), and we'll call it a day. lol


Pooing a bit should be expcted of at least one broad, but using that shitty hand to jerk off is nasty.



@ "ME" ^^^^^^  since when do women "jerk off"???


LOL I saw this video while looking at some porn, but i definitely didn't see that part!


What? It's valid slang pertaining to the acts by any gender.

Lucky for me, it also has more than one definition, you jerk-off Smile


Did she just shove shit into her baby puker?


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Err  are we sure thats a woman looks like a bloke


HAHAHA SHE SHIT HERSELF! That's fucking funny. These women try to force out their orgasm and look what happens. I'm surprised one of them didn't get a rectal prolapse.


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Sick I can't believe she kept masturbating after she wiped it up...


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