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Skank Of The Week July 14th, 2013

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looks like a 80's porn star.


every part of "her" looks like a dude.  Take your hands, cover everything but the face.  looks like a dude with make up on!
if it were not for the pussy, would be a dude!!


Reminds me of my father. HA HA HA HA!


@vucko27 Your father?  LOL, that is scary in so many ways! haha


@ 25 to life
Smile some poeple have shitty life. what do you think how i ended up here watching all these phucked up thigns. Smile)


Well, after hours of reading many sites I believe this is the best answer I have found. It apears that when there is no sim card in the iphone it throws it into this cycle of reboots. I had a old 3gs laying around with a cracked screen, so i took to repair and change the battery. I want to unlock it and use it to do some international travel and not bring my iphone 4gs with me. I now believe that once i get back to the states and put my USA sim card in it to allow it to register the i can try the unlock code. I don't want to try and unlock it while it is charging and rebooting every 5 mins.


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