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Solar Face Sheilds...aka Bukkaki Shield

Bukkaki Shield  Bukkaki Shield

Living in Southern California, you see some strange shit.  From massive implants to massive fat asses, it's all here!

One of the more strange trends is female Asian drivers wearing Solar Face Shields.  You can be sitting in your car at a traffic light and glance over to the car next to you and the driver is wearing a full face shield.
Why?  Because Asian ladies do not want a tan, it's seen as "lower class"
But it sure does look stupid!

Therefore Mr. Phucked would like to suggest a new name for these devices.
Since only Asian women wear them, from this point on, they will be known as Bukkake Shields.

If you don't know what Bukkake is, then shame on you!  It is where an Asian woman (normally Japanese) kneels on the floor and allows a line of men to cum on her face one at a time.

All hale the Bukkake Sheild. 

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Hi, and thanks for the great tutorial. Could you please tell me what weight of interfacing you used and did you use a cotton batting? I just made one and I think I used too heavy weight of an interfacing ... it probably didn't help that I also added a small pocket for my credit card that also was interfaced. Thank you again!


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