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Southern California fires and terrorism

Southern California Fires

To those residents in Southern California, it seems that fire is almost everywhere!
So far there are 8 large fires with up to 250,000 people evacuated across the southern half of the state.

Now if I was a terrorist.  I might be thinking that fire would be an amazing method to attempt to cause mass hysteria and chaos.

Could they do it?

Of course.  They would just need to set fires at the right locations, all at the same time.  People have already done that here.  Some of these recent fires were started deliberately.  The kind of person who is capable of doing that, mystifies me!

So did anything good result from these fires?
It does help to spotlight just how good our fire crews can handle these fires and how well the people of Southern California can handle this kind of emergency.  The response and assistance has been far superior to that of the hurricane that hit New Orleans.
In my opinion in light of how well this has been handled, I find it unlikely that terrosists would attempt this kind of attack.

To all the fire-crews you have all done a fantastic job and to those who were injured, get well soon!
To those people who have lost their homes, we wish you the best of luck in rebuilding.

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\|/<br />Eddy M. del Rio<br />May 12, 2013<br />1:33 am<br />"Since life and the universe demonstrate that they are specified, the best explanation is that they were designed."<br />/|\


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