That's Phucked

ThatsPhucked Is Shutting Its Doors

Phucked Readers,

After 5 Phucken glorious years.  It is time to shut the doors on
It has been a great pleasure to shock you, watch you cry and scream with your reaction videos and read your comments.
However after much debate with myself, I have decided to retire.
Where will I retire?  Well Thailand of course.  Where the whores are like a flowing river and they worship the whiteman like gods.

Only 5 more posts to go.

Peace Out!

Mr. Phucked

5 Days and counting.  Enjoy the vids before GoDaddy takes us away...

EDIT: 18:30 PST
In case anyone didn't guess, April Fools...

Comments (15) -

Nooooo!! Why? I thought you just created some mobile app or something. What's really going on here Mr. Phucked? I guess my cheap ass better hand over some money so that I can be a part of the documenting reality community now.

Adios ya dirty bastard.


really sad to hear this, been wasting time here so much i dont know what to start my day with now Laughing
where all these master pieces go ?
what happens when people stop to vomit ?
will kittens live prosperous lives and take over the world now ?
will the phone stay in vagina ?
do i get to buy THE cup/jar/mixer/stuffedbaseball ?


ThatsPucked is more of my predilet websites on net.

I'm really really sad...

RIP thatsphucked miss you...


This is OBVIOUSLY an april fools joke


AH shit you are right SAM! Why the hell would mr. phucked put all that work into making the site smart phone ready and then all of a sudden leave? If it were a legal issue everything would have been pulled, including the URL... dammit mr. phucked! I hate you.


Yeah, agreed.  I am thinking (and hoping) this is an April fool joke!
Really hoping!!


April joke must it be.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Part of me thinks dis is an April Fools joke...  Cuz I doubt u would just shut down unless u was havin' money problems... an' on dis particular day too?  Yeah!  It better b an April Fools joke.
In da case dat it's not:  WTPh, Mr. P?!  Ur just gonna walk away like dat?  I mean... U done went an' took away one of my prime sources of entertainment!  Some ppl still like 1 ass 1 baseball FPhS.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

In case you all didn't guess.  April fools...Smile


OMG I just read this today. I almost cried lol I was like what the fuck am I going todo without my daily gore!


I was so relived I masturbated!
Thank u Mr. P for not leaving us!!


aw you fucken dick man you had me going for a sec lol glad your bullshiting then


i really REALLY felt for this.. should buy calendar and pay some fking attention xD


@ 25 to life - HA HA HA HA HA. i really laughed on this one. Smile))))))))


Some people need to travel out of the country while they are still under contract.


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