That's Phucked

The Ultimate Headache

Next time you have a headache, remember this picture.  It could a lot worse!

The Ultimate Headache with brains on the ground

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Drink some water, that usually helps!


wonder what happened to the rest?


Did he survive?


@Vucko- Of course he did! He got married, had 6 beautiful children, and lived happily ever after! Smile


How nice. I was worrying whole day, Brandy. Now I can go get drunk and go to bed. Smile Nice! 6 kids!!!! Really nice! Smile

I hope that truck driver appologized to him and they became friends after this little inconvenience.


If you look  a bit more careful, you will notice that wheal protecting cap on the top is a bit broken. HORRIBLE!


penis is raw
United States penis is raw

Fuck yeah, brains!!


I've been hearing about the imminent collapse of "darwinism" for at least twenty years. Almost as long as I've been hearing about the imminent return of Jesus. So I hope you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath.


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