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Turkey Slaughter

Every wondered what happens when a turkey's head is cut off?

Here is the video; the turkeys actually flap around a lot after their heads have been cut off!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Stacey Beilmann
Stacey Beilmann

This isn't funny watching somethig get it's head cut off bleed to death is not my idea of entertainment or humor. I was raised on a farm and saw this more than a few times true it can be a part of life but I think its gross that you think it is funny put it up here like a freak show. If you take a fish out of water they will flop aroun even after their dead its just the nerves dying because the animal is dying. I know if we do that to you do you think you would flop around? Come on man this subject and your interest in it only makes you seem imature to others and they will respect you more if you don't get giggly to watch something die.

Let me guess just for fun, if you were driving down the road and you come up to an accident and there are a bunch of cars that are all phucked up. First you wouldn't be able to take your eyes of of it, your car is slowing down so as to make sure you can get a good look the corners of your mouth begin to rise and you open your mouth to say cool. Then when you see someone you know you have to describe the whole thing and for a moment you are happy and excited? This is all for fun so don't get all offended too many people act this way so tell me did I guess right?!

Now how would feel if that was your car and your the guy on the stretcher and a bunch of people are looking at you all happy saying cool? Why doesn't anyone take it to the next level? I really can't understand people being happy about someone or something getting hurt.    


Perv E. Smith
United States Perv E. Smith


You are at a site called "that's phucked" and you are complaining about the content?  What do you expect to see, rainbows and butterflies?  I come here to see phucked up stuff that I find interesting and I ignore the stuff that doesn't interest me.  You should try the same!


Stacey Beilmann
Stacey Beilmann

Well that's phucked is listed in the humor blog section so I guess I assumed that this sight would be funny. This is just listed under the wrong catagory then. I actually just wanted to laugh and was disappointed when instead I found something sad.  


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Yes. is listed under the humor section.  Most of our visitors find the site funny.  Not every article is for fun but most are.  Sometimes they are shocking, like the "2 girls 1 finger" for example.  Some people find that funny, others disgusting.
We cannot be funny with every article to everyone who reads the site.
Ultimately its up to each individual reader to decide what they want to watch, before clicking Play. Each video is always described in each posting so you know what you're getting into!
I would also say that I bet some people after watching this video, might not eat Turkeys anymore!
Especially after reading the following description as to how they are killed:

“The fully conscious turkeys are hung by their feet from metal shackles on a moving rail. The first station on most poultry slaughterhouse assembly lines is the stunning tank, where the turkeys' heads are submerged in an electrified bath of water. Stunning procedures are not monitored, and are often inadequate, leaving fully conscious birds to continue along the slaughterhouse assembly line. Some slaughterhouses do not even attempt to render turkeys unconscious, as turkeys and other poultry are specifically excluded from the Humane Slaughter Act, which requires stunning.
After passing through the stunning tank, the turkeys' throats are slashed, usually by a mechanical blade, and blood begins rushing out of their bodies. Inevitably, the blade misses some turkeys who then proceed to the next station on the assembly line, the scalding tank. Here they are submerged in boiling hot water, and turkeys missed by the killing blade are boiled alive.”
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If we have saved a few Turkeys, then all is not lost!

We hope you continue to read our articles and if not, I hope you find a site that you do like.

Mr. Phucked


Here's a completley unbiased review from a former AT&T AND Verizon employee.


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