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Ultimate Pizza

What topping would you like on your pizza?  Mushrooms, onions?
Nah!  How about some nose snot...

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Yo if you're gonna do shit like this you dont put it on the fucking internet you keep it on your mobile phone :S fucking dicks. didnt these guys get a jail sentence anyways? sure it was in the news..


Making Pizza with bodily features = No life
Seeing their face when they got the sack priceless. Stupid dumb fucks.


I eat at Dominos You fat Fucking Cunt.........Eat a carrot you over sized Twat



It gets worse. check it out --->


Germany Semmelrogge

The best punishment for them is "2 Domino's employees 1 cup"!


United States shutdafuckup

this is why i dont have them deliever my food i go in and watch they're every move


that's lame ... in most of the restaurants they do shit like this and I think that i doesn't deserve for being on Smile


United States Ms.Phucked

what the hell is wrong with people??? I hope these people got fired and jail time. I'm never eating at Domino's again!!!


Mmmmm.....extra protein!!!  :d


this shit is nasty


aw come on and dominoes is the nicest thing ever O_o


This is such an epic FAIL!

I actually work for Domino's as a store manager (don't believe me if u want) and I swear on anything this kind of shit would NEVER happen at my store. Yet we caught so much crap because of these 2 assholes who weren't even in the same state as us, our sales fuckin' dropped like a rock for weeks afterward. I hope they rot in hell forever since they obviously have no idea how to comprehend the damage they did to hundreds or thousands of people across the country whose hours had to be cut because of what they did!

Reply is getting lamer and lamer. One more video like this and I don't think i'll be coming back...


Get the fuck out of here then Phil, your one little site view isn't doing shit; nobody wants people like you.

This is why I like hot food. If anything nasty is in it, the cooking process will usually sterilize the food.


yik! dirty horses


Stupid ugly bitch I hope she gets crushed by a truck


Fuck this shit...i'm goin to pizza hut


but I asked for extra boogers!


like wow she said im being lazy then the dude does all this nasty shit im pretty sure they knew there were cameras around or were just too damn stoned to even care im pretty sure when they got caught the fat bitch was in tears beggin not to be fired or put in jail and that it was "only a joke" and the dude wuda known he was phucked up and wudnt say shit! i dont eat at dominos never have papa johns baby thats where the good pizzas at and besides GTFO has a point all the bodyly shit wud be sterlized after the cooking process but yes a 3/5 in the phucked-o-meter



By Amalie Nash
April 15, 2009, 5:48PM
Ann Arbor-based Domino's Pizza is considering legal action against two ex-employees in North Carolina after a video surfaced this week on YouTube showing one putting cheese in his nostril and waving meat under his backside while making a sandwich.

• Domino's Pizza fires workers after online video shows one tampering with a sandwich

The two-and-a-half minute video was apparently first posted online Monday. By 5 p.m. Wednesday, one version had more than 930,000 views - but it was removed from YouTube later in the evening.

Domino's Pizza Inc. may file a civil lawsuit against the workers, who were fired this week, a spokesman said. The employees, Michael Setzer, 32, and Kristy Hammonds, 31, were arrested Wednesday on a charge of distribution of prohibited foods, according to the Conover Police Department in North Carolina.

Kristy HammondsEric Farr, a spokesman for the Catawba County District Attorney's Office in North Carolina, confirmed there's a pending investigation but declined further comment.
The store closed Tuesday at the request of the Catawba County Public Health Department and underwent a sanitization process, said spokeswoman Kellie Coffey. It reopened Wednesday.

Domino's Pizza spokesman Tim McIntyre said the employees told the company the video was a hoax, and the food was not delivered to any customers.

"The positive thing about this, if there is one, is that the vast majority of people see this for what it is, which is two idiots with a Web cam," McIntyre said.

Michael SetzerThe company considers each viewing of the video to be damaging to the Domino's Pizza brand, McIntyre said. To fight back, Domino's posted a video of its own on YouTube Wednesday, where Domino's U.S.A. President Patrick Doyle apologized to customers and said the company is re-examining hiring practices.
"We are absolutely 100 percent going after these people," McIntyre said. "Our brand is far too valuable to let these guys try to ruin it all in the guise of a hoax."

Domino's has recently struggled with sluggish U.S. sales. The pizza delivery company launched its line of toasted sandwiches last year in an effort to create lunchtime business. The $4.99 sandwiches - heavily promoted in print and television ads - have been successful in boosting sales.

Puneet Manchanda, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business, said the video could negatively impact Domino's sales.

"It is possible that the next time someone thinks of ordering something from Domino's, they will think of some wacko at Domino's playing with their food," Manchanda said. "If the video goes viral, there is a reasonable possibility of a short-term impact."


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