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Vaginal Tearing? Sloppy Vagina? Get an Episiotomy

OK all those married guys whose wife is expecting or if you've knocked up that slutty girl friend of yours.
Are you worried that her vagina could be loose after she gives birth?
Medical science has the answer, an Episiotomy.

What is an Episiotomy?
During labor, it is very common for women to experience vaginal tearing as the baby passes out of the vaginal opening. In order to prevent these vaginal tears from occurring, doctors will often perform an episiotomy. In this procedure, an incision is made in the perineum, which is the area between the vagina and the anus. This incision allows the vaginal opening to enlarge, thereby giving the baby more space to emerge from.

The procedure for an episiotomy is fairly simple: local anesthetic is applied to the perineum and an incision is made just before delivery. Following the birth of your baby and the delivery of the placenta, the incision is sutured shut with dissolvable stitches.

An Episiotomy also is thought to aid in tightening the vagina after birth and prevent vaginal stretching.

So there you have it guys. Get your girl an Episiotomy and sex after child birth won't be like sticking your dick into a wet bucket!

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United States sexymutha85

Ok, first and foremost, not all women tear while giving birth.  Having a child doesn't necessarily mean a chick's pussy is going to stretch out of shape.  I know a chick with FOUR kids who's pussy is as tight as a virgin (yes, I know FOR SURE-- I kid you not)


I wonder if you could get different sizes, like, I'd like my wife to get the "tight as fucking a 5 year old" episiotomy.


wow anon you're sick as fuck...perv!!


haha i dont think he meant he wants his chick to have a 5 yr olds pussy, i think he just means he wants her to be "virgin" tight again lol


OR... just opt for a cesaerean section and not have to worry at ALL about anything passing through the vagina!  Smile


Mm. I'd like no hole visible as an option please, and I'll have to tear her a new pussy.


funny how you only see american wankers looking at these pictures bunch of fuckin pricks  UK!


yeah um hey billy why do you have an american flag next to your name then fucking UK wanna be


don't have kids. Problem solved.


The cheap option is just to move over to anal


I got an Episiotomy...but poor me the damn doctor slit me after I tore a bit. Bastard!!!!


raging hormones
United States raging hormones

I got two kids and episiotomy twice. I got an episiotomy because my kids have a big head and I have a little pussy. stitching it up didn make me any tighter. the episiotomy or childbirth didn make me any looser. Frankly, after you have a kid (according to my unstitched slutty cousin) it tightens back up on it's own in about a month. I'd have to agree cuz my man never had sex with me before I had kids and talks about how I'm so tight and he loves it.


Malays cant afford such luxurious stuffs. Work harder and please make Malaysia a better place.


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