That's Phucked

WTF Is This?

WTF is this?  What are the lumps on the side?
Vagina between the legs?  Looks like it...

WTF is this

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penis is raw
United States penis is raw

looks like a vag to me!


Canada KillEveryone

The victim seems to be female by the looks of what is between the legs, as for the groin area it looks like some type of hemorrhage, possibility of a serious groin hernia even.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

... LSP?  WTF is SHE doin' outside Ooo or Lumpy Space?  Did u fail at takin' human form?


OK, phuckers!
Would you do her?

Me?  Maybe a few beers, well, a lot of beers and no lights!


NO, not a woman. I think it is a man, but penis split opened somehow. And the extruding thing ..... who cares... it must be something for sure. Smile


It does look like a severed penis....


Jamaica ShoShoBitch

What's up with the pink ribbon?


Agreed! I have friends mess with my phone now & then. They may intentionally put in the wrong code multiple times thinking they can lock me out without realizing they'd erase it.


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