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War Crimes in the Kosovo War

Yugoslav security forces killed many Albanian civilians during the war. This video shows the result of one of those attacks.
During and after the 1999 war, it was alleged that several hundred Serb and Roma civilians who were taken across the border into Albania were killed in a "Yellow House" near the town of Burrel and had several of their organs removed for sale on the black market.

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Nice video. Too bad we don't get to see any of the killings as they happened.


BBQ Anyone?  Maybe a bit well done though...


Actually, there are some videos picturing killings in Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia - live action. We watched them all on national TVs here (of course, everyone claiming that other side did it). Trying to find them......

@ Mr. Phucked - many thanks!!!


Althoguh this was actually effect of NATO bombing - the first one - they hit the refugee caravan (and it is disputable - could be that Serbis killed those poor Albanians when returning to their homes, trying to accuse NATO). Then the video of hitting the train, the third one - cluster bomobing of a suburb of a city in south of Serbia.

Anyway, effects are awsome - cluster kills everything - even dog is dead. Smile


Fuck this planet.


could care less about the people poor dog probly was in the middle of licking him self. lol


This is a massacre caused by NATO planes.They bombed the refugees who were trying to escape from serbian province of Kosovo to near Albania or Macedonia.


Zach Foster
United States Zach Foster

Ok, ill be back later. Imma go play some call of duty.


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