That's Phucked

What Does $20 Get You?

So what does $20 get you with a whore?
Scarred black woman, shitty head and actual shit on the floor when you cum.
That is what happens when you go bargain basement!

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I've seen a lot of phucked up prostitute videos and this one is one of the worst! So phucking gross. How desperate do you have to be to pay that fugly bitch any amount of money to suck your dick?


OMG, that is nasty and funny as hell!!


Both of those niggas are miserable! the male nigga with a limp dick lectures the elephant-like shitty bitch about the blowjob.. the result is shitty for both: the joker cums stinky material (without any satisfaction) and the fatty shits herself and spits that material out. I would call this: HD The Incredibly Fine Cum Shooter's AstonishmentLaughing


Lol what in the world is she doing? come on its not that bad!


The guys groin probably smelled bad Im laughing my ass off


She shits on the bed LOL


So Mr. P.

It's okay to show rag heads and mexicans getting killed or blown up but I dont see you ever put up Americans getting killed or white ppl for that matter. Thats kinda one sided dont you think. Yes, this video is probably with americans but its usually about dumb funny shit not them getting hurt. Also you kinda always paint black ppl as retards; which in most situations like in ghettos is pretty accurate. Niggeristical behavior is very common in trailer parks or ghettos so its expected. We the fans, on an international level would like to see more non-bias material, especially Considering how many homicides there are and car accidents its amazing there isnt more pics up here with americans or crackers in it.

If you are worried about getting sued block out there faces so they are not identifiable.

You didnt show the latest incident yet...

Still waiting to be impressed


watch out what you click on last time i clicked to play this vid i got a virus that locked up my comp and would not let me use my laptop until i paid $300 so i had to do a complete restore on it to get my comp back


@Amerika. Go to best gore & stfu.

Anyhow, I . Laughed. So. Fucking. Hard. What do you expect from a hooker like this. Honestly?


We had chili dogs for dinner last night... Sadly I couldn't eat them because I kept picturing her wiping the shit off that bed.


"Niggeristical"  Is that a word?  I think not, but it is a good one, haha!

Also.  Most of the pics/vids are 3rd world and easier to get, and there are way more of those people than there are of white people!

Of the articles on RHS

2 Girls 1 Cup Video.  Hispanic?
2 Kids In A Sandbox -WHITE
Guy Gives Himself Head  WHITE
Jar Squatter WHITE

etc. etc.

Plenty of white people do phucked up shit!

Mr. Phucked provides various phucked up shit, not just gore.
Hail Mr. P!


^^^ yes. Mr. Phucked for president '16.


Horses fucked white people on that farm - can you get worse than that? Maybe a nigger fucking white guy, although that would be mild comparing to horses.


Can you imagine what the other party would use against me in a presidential race?

But if porn stars can run, then maybe...   haha

@25 to life.  Think you covered it all well.


Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Mr. Phucked post the photo of the dead boston bomber at the morgue


Id vote for you Mr. Phucked.

@Charlie sheen. I saw that picture on fb earlier.


@Mr.Phucked- If your were elected president what would you do to decrease the amount of welfare leaching whores?


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

America is built on hard work and for rewarding those people who work hard.
As president I would STOP rewarding people who do not want to work.
All these benefits to people decrease the motivation for some people to want to work.
Once you finish any unemployment benefits. The gov. does not give you any money, period.
I will stop rewarding people for having children and not working.
I will stop paying food stamps
I will stop paying for health coverage to immigrants who come to this country and have never worked a day in the US.
If you come this country, be prepared to work

The ONLY people who will receive help.  Are those injured in the military.  Otherwise, get a job and earn your own money.

This message was approved by Mr. Phucked


So in other words, liberals?


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