That's Phucked

What If?

What if this was your girlfriend?  How would you feel?
At first I thought, car/bike accident?  But what if some sick phucker did this?

The problems that the annoying bitches on the Kardashian TV show pale in comparison here...

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Happy Thanksgiving phuckers!


My Cawk, Ur Mouf
Canada My Cawk, Ur Mouf

I agree, Mr. Phucked.  Driving scooters in Brazil is definitely a Third World problem.  She looks like she was prolly pretty hot, too (as most Brazilian woman are).  I think driving scooters should be an olympic event.  I'd love to see Brazil and Russia go at it.  That's some good fun right there.  


Are you getting emotional Mr. Phucked? It looks like you fell in low recently and now these scenes touch you.


This wasn't an accident, there's no blood. She was cut up somewhere else and dumped.


I shed a tear.


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