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What will get you laid? Hot Car or a Puppy?

Over the weekend, I did a test.  Very scientific of course!
My friend has this cute little puppy.  I have a 2 seat convertible sports car. 
So which one will get me the most numbers in any given hour?
I borrowed her dog and headed over to a local StarBucks by the beach.  Parked my car away from the coffee shop and walked over with my puppy.  Grabbed a coffee and sat outside.
The one hour test begins...
After 3 minutes, hot blonde walks up asks about the puppy, we chat for a few minutes then she meets her boyfriend, bummer.
Further 2 minutes, 3 teenage girls, sexy but not legal.
Another 5 minutes, hot brunette, comes over with her puppy, perfect.  After a few minutes of chatting she asks to join me, score.  We chat for about 20 minutes, she has to leave to a meet a friend but not before she gives me her number.
15 minutes past and 1 number so far, not bad.
Next 45, pretty slow.
Down to the last 15 minutes and we have a hot mom and daughter.  The mother is around 35 and sexy as hell.  I'm having MILF fantasies here.  They chat to me about the puppy because she wants to get her daughter a puppy.  Daughter goes inside to get coffee, I flirt with the mother outside.  She is VERY flirty, love this shit!
Before the daughter returns, she slips me her number under my coffee cup.
1 hour, 1 puppy, 2 numbers.  Pretty good I think.
So I return to the car, drive over to my friends place and return the puppy.
I drive over to a different coffee shop and park opposite the seats outside.
Everyone outside can see the car.  I go in, grab a coffee and sit outside for 5 minutes.  No girls approach.
I decide then to stand against my car, drinking the coffee, pretending I'm waiting for someone.
30 minutes pass, bored, no attention, few smiles, but no girls approach.  Once guy chatted to me about the color, not good!
Then I take the top down, site inside the car for 15 minutes, again, nothing.  I then decide to cruise down the beach for the last 15 minutes, lots of stares, no numbers.

If you want phone numbers, save your money on the car and buy a puppy and work on your puppy communication skills.
The car might help to get you laid on a date, but to get the date, a puppy can help!

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Another thing that works is borrowing a baby.... I used to say I was watching her for her mother who had to work 2 jobs just to support the baby, and I was doing it out of the kindness of my heart.


United States sixfeetunder

money, drugs, a big dick, the car, and the puppy, great combination.


Wasn Schund. Ammis eben. Depp.


This article is very useful. I have been looking for. thank you.Very good!!


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