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WheelChair Rebecca, Part II

Part II of wheelchair Rebecca, this time she has a little drug problem.

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Isnt this from robot chicken?


the 1º one is better.


Come on, Mr. can do better than that for sure!


Suppose it's a useful post indeed! Just bookmarked it!


And another thing. Verizon does not have sim cards for security. Like i stated before if you have a sim card, and lose it, someone can just pop their sim card in your phone. Verizon has an ESN or MEID seriel number linked to each phone, once you report it lost/stolen only YOU can take it off of the list (or who ever reported it in the first place) So lets say some 14 year old kid finds your phone, tries to activate it. It gives us an error message and wont work. Its called SECURITY!<br />1.) Most Blackberry's do not offer WiFi (with acception to the storm and storm 2) Because WiFi is an unsecure network. Blackberry's have their own web and secure network so no one can hack into your network. and with Blackberry's you can do anything. Save pictures to your phone & save it as a back ground (versus cell phones). and its all (GASP) FREE! Just thought id throw my opinion out there.


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