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Why Did The Drunken Guy Cross The Road?

Why did the drunken guy cross the road?  To get hit by a car of course!

This phucked up drunken guy is filmed "attempting" to cross the road. I'm sure you've all guessed that he does not make it...
What I want to know is.  Why where these guys filming it? They seemed to enjoy filming it.

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I'm guessing that the shit ain't REAL?!

Come on.  The person with the camera just casually walks over to the body after the guy got hit?  No one is jumping around, yelling and making a scene?  The body is just lying there, no viscious wounds or mangled limbs?



In soviet Russia, you hit the car, not the car hit you.


at all the most important thing is that it still looks funny Laughing


I hope he died


Why to jump around? Everyone saw it's the drunk person's fault. You should rather admire them that they remained calm.


Lebanon nokia6630videos

was he beheaded ?? i can't the where the phuck it his face ????
the camera man seems very calm and enjoying what's happening ...stupid asshole...
there r no big differences between animals and humans in some places...


im russian and ill tell you what the guy that had the camera said.

He said " I've recorded the whole thing, this guy has been fucking around here for a while now" "he was completely out of it (Meaning drunk obviously)" (he also uses a swear word but i dont know how to translate it to english)

He proceeds to ask the driver to call the ambulance and says" he practically jumped out in front of the car you probably didn't seem him"

That roughly sums it up, its not exact but pretty much what the camera guy said (couldnt really hear the other guy properly)

The camera guy is only calm because he has been watching that guy stand there like an idiot for a while now he wasnt enjoying it i can tell you that, but he wasnt shocked, I personally wouldnt be shocked if i saw a guy getting hit by a car if he was standing in the middle of the road because it is simply expected, stupid behaviour results in tragic outcomes. Plus the fact that they stayed calm is most important.

The taxi driver is in shock though by the sound of his voice. People deal with shock differently. THe guy that got hit is porobably dead, it looked like a motorway or at least an 80km zone, doesnt leave much chance of survival at that speed.

and nokia6630videos please dont refer to people as animals and generalize the people of a whole country on one incident, More of all you couldnt understand them so dont assume such things ever, that quality will eventually stab you in the back.


United Kingdom JaKe.McGoo

:L the guy tht walks over is just like aww well thts the third ave hut this week.


Didnt his mother ever tell him not to play in the road?  Stupid fucktard!!


Mr. Phucked. Seriously. How is this fucked up? There were plenty more fucked videos that you could have posted. You're getting soft.


Don't he know not to "DRINK thenWALK"...In the NFL,that would've been a good punt!!!


Daaaaaaamnnnn that looked gnarly as phuck. look at his leg too ugh!


....i hate stupid drunks


I like the fact that no one checked on him afterwards.. no one.. even if he is dead.. most people's instincts are to atleast yell at the person to see if they're alive or not..


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