That's Phucked

Why the Emergency Tax Credit Sucks!

Are you excited about receiving your tax credit?

Don't get too excited just yet until you read the "small print", especially if you're single...
You will receive a tax credit of $600 if your adjusted gross income (AGI) is up to $75,000.
While married couples filing jointly with an AGI up to $150,000 would receive $1,200

If you live in California, it's not unusual for a single person to make over $75k or a professional couple to make over $150K.
So again, the middle class gets screwed.  Yes, it's pretty Phucked Up!

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Uhhh in your post you insinuate that people making over $75k or 150k for a couple is the middle class... That is far from the truth. Median income is about 45k. Making the middle class those that earn about 37k to about 55k. Those that are making 75k are not really middle class earners. yes i think this tax rebate plan is poor decision making on behalf of the fed spending money that they don't have to spend... But they are targeting the people that need the relief most... small businesses and the middle class (both of which are being hurt by health care costs and by the higher cost of energy). To say otherwise is just being ignorant.


Mr. Phucked
Mr. Phucked

So if someone making over $75k is not middle class what are they?
Rich or Upper Class?  I don't think so!
No way should someone making $75k be considered in the same realm as someone making $500k or even $1 million.

Over 19% of all households in the US make over $100K.

As I stated above in my posting.  In California someone making over $75k is very common and very middle class.  Someone making $75k cannot even afford a house!

This tax cut is targeting the people most likely to spend the money and not save it.  In most cases this money just ends in China, but that's a whole different discussion!


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