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Why you are fat

If you're fat, these are the top reason that you are fat and likely to stay that way! 

  1. You’re Lazy. Plain and simple. The thought of exercising just makes you want another 200 calorie soda.
  2. Your job rules your life. Whether you’re a full-time mom or a business executive, you probably don’t have time to eat healthy.
  3. You have too much free time to spend eating. If you did more things rather than watch TV or sit at the computer chatting on facebook, maybe you could lose weight
  4. You work from home and have a house full of goodies. The temptation is all around you. Doritos in the cabinet, cookies in the jar, ice cream in the freezer. Forget salad!
  5. You eat anger/depression away. You can’t help but hate the world, your job, your car, your kids, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse. Why not have another Oreo?
  6. Your friends are fat and they drag you down. They eat out a lot, they snack, they order pizza/Chinese and invite you over. It’s inevitable to happen.
  7. You just don’t care about calories, fat content, carbs, you eat what you want because you only get one life to live.

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My brother is fat, ill show him this!


how many day do i have to wait to get e-mail from apple store to unlocked my i phone 4s ?


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