That's Phucked

Will You "Like" My Pic?

Before this she may have been posting her latest "model" picture on facebook.
Look where she is now?

Will You


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That's what you get for taking a selfie! Stupid kids.

Why didn't the airbag pop?


uncle bruce
United States uncle bruce

If you are in a car ...Always put on seat can die or get fucked up for life, no joke.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

So dis b facebook now?  lol


Why not wear your seatbelt? So easy. She would be alive now probably if she was. Stupid


She was trying to parallel park.


Not funny this girl had a full life ahead of her


@John, lol full life ahead of her.  Not sure if you meant, but good!


Ryan longhorn
United States Ryan longhorn

I would love to make that dead bitch my fuck buddy


loved the piece of brain in the seat, nice touch!


I prefer cartoon wars 2. Great graphics and hard to put down


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